We’re on a mission:
To transform arts education in schools across the UK, giving hope for a creative future.

Our Vision

The Arts Revolution was born for a purpose: to transform arts education in schools across the UK, opening doors to a creative future for all children

Headed by esteemed specialists from top arts institutions, we have a national strategy to provide every school in the UK with access to the highest calibre liberal and performing arts education and give every child the chance to forge their creative future.

Creating a healthy, flourishing society

Through exposure to high quality arts education, children learn more than just technical expertise; through the arts children learn to express themselves, think creatively and grow in confidence. Furthermore, studies have shown that exposure to arts education enhances coordination, literacy skills, verbal and spatial reasoning and importantly, emotional intelligence.

Did you know, after scientists analysed the brain of Einstein, they found his capacity for spatial reasoning grew exponentially during ages 7-14 as he was learning the violin. Would we have had the genius we know today without his exposure to arts?

We are redesigning the arts department for schools.

Consistently high quality. Exceptionally creative. Access for all.

We are helping schools transform their arts. Some have some, others have none. It’s time things changed.

We partner with schools to transform their arts. With the aid of top educators, we design excellent courses, classes, events and workshops aimed at enriching children’s lives and to help them reach their creative potential. We creative a thriving arts department full of interesting, challenging and creative classes, courses and events. We work towards showcases and exhibitions, pushing talents and encouraging less confident. In fact, what we do doesn’t just benefit the arts, it benefits a child in all subjects and aspects of life.

We use our partner schools to share resources across the community

When we share, we all benefit. By connecting local schools together, we can provide a whole variety of arts a child would never normally be able to access.

Music (Classical, Pop, Jazz), Drama, Dance, Ballet, Fine Arts, Creative Writing & Literacy, Film Making & Videography, Graphic Design & Illustration, Music Production, Philosophy, Creative Science, Fashion and so much more.

Together, we can make Britain a shining example of the best education in the world.

Be a supporter and help transform the future