Leave of Absence Requests

You must submit a Leave of Absence request if you have an external engagement or plan to take holiday that will affect your normal teaching routine. This must be approved by Head Office. The further in advance you submit your LoA request, the greater likelihood that your request will be granted.

+ Length of notice you must give

  • Holiday - 5 weeks
  • External Professional Engagement - 4 weeks
  • Hospital Appointment - 3 weeks
  • Bereavement of Extended Family - 1 week
  • Bereavement of Immediate Family - 24 hours
  • Illness - 24 hours

+ Your obligations

  • You must submit a separate form for each period of time you would like to request off

  • Wait for permission to be granted, then, if successful;-

  • For instrumental lessons, you must arrange lessons for another day the same week where possible before arranging a dep.

  • For group classes, you must arrange cover, first by asking other AR teachers before asking teachers external to the organisation. External teachers must be approved by your School Coordinator

  • For instrumental lessons, inform the parents of your students of your arrangements. You do not need to do this for group classes

  • If you have arranged for a cover teacher and they are from AR, you must fill in the Teaching Cover form to assign your hours to their roster. If your cover teacher is external from the organisation, you must arrange to pay them directly.

To submit an LoA, please fill in the following form:

Teacher's Name *
Teacher's Name
Tell us a brief summary of your LoA request
Date LoA starts *
Date LoA starts
Date LoA finishes
Date LoA finishes
If your request is for one day, leave blank
If your LoA is for a portion of the day, let us know what times you are unavailable
Write below the school(s) your LoA will affect so that we can refer it to the relevant School Coordinator