Give the gift of music

Making a Musician is a variety of lessons, classes and events that give your child the opportunity to work with professional musicians and flourish in their creativity. Through the variety of sessions, your child will develop their musicianship and technical skills, as well as developing in their confidence, coordination, spatial reasoning and verbal memory.

The classes are both, exciting, challenging and rewarding.


What’s on offer

You can choose a variety of lessons. We recommend choosing an instrument and joining for the lunch classes and choir after school. Your child get’s the best experience and you make the best saving, a smashing £3.37 per class with our bundles. That’s the price of a coffee!


Instrumental Lessons

Instrument Music Lessons

Give your child the gift of music through learning an instrument. Choose from 30 minute, 20 minute and group lessons across a variety of instruments. In these lessons, your child develops both their technical expertise and musicianship.

What do you get?

  • 1 lesson a week with one of our professional musicians, either a 30 minute, 20 minute or group lesson

  • Practice Diary

  • Concert Opportunities

  • Report termly and exam entry at parent’s discretion

Instruments we offer

Piano, Violin, Cello, Guitar, Singing, Flute, Saxophone, Clarinet, Recorder, Trumpet, Horn, Trombone, Drums

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When: During school day

Ages: Reception, KS1, KS2


Creative Music Making

Creative Theory Class

Give your child every chance for success and flourishing. Parents tend to underestimate how important theory is to a child’s musical development. We have designed a fun and creative way of learning music theory which will ultimately help them with becoming a musician. This will also really help with any secondary school entrance requirements.

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When: Lunch times

Ages: KS1+2


Choir Superstars

Choir Superstars

Led by a dynamic animateur (french for “animated leader”), the choir is all about exploring harmony and creating impressive sounds whilst building all important teamwork skills.

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When: After school

Ages: All


Orchestra / Band


The orchestra is about developing aural and group musicianship skills whilst exploring exciting sound worlds. The orchestra trains your child to listen carefully to others and learn to respond effectively to achieve a unified goal. Some of the most fun aspects of being a musician is playing with others. Many secondary schools will have ensembles to join. Give your child that special gift!

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When: Lunch times

Ages: All

Magical Stars Music Class

Magical Stars Music Class

Delve into magical worlds exploring rhythms, sounds and pitches using a variety of instruments and singing. This class is specifically designed for children in Reception year to introduce the basics of music in fun and dynamic ways before they join the Creative Theory class in KS1.

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When: Lunch times

Ages: Reception

More about the course

▾ Concerts and showcases

Each term, the children will get the opportunity to showcase their talents and take the centre stage. In the first two terms, the orchestra, choir, and a selection of soloists will perform the pieces they have been working on, with all the teachers getting stuck in too. The children then get to perform at a famous London venue alongside professional musicians from London’s top orchestras and choirs in collaboration with three other schools in our big, final Showcase Spectacular!

▾ Reports

The children will receive an informal assessment in the first two terms with a detailed report in the final term from each of their teachers. This will help them know where to imporove and flourish in the next term. These reports are made available on our online portal, RevBox.

▾ Exams

You can choose to enter your child into a variety of exams that we support. For music, we use ABRSM practical and theory exams and your teachers will let you know when your child is ready to enter an exam. You'll get a certificate to proudly display at home and are very important for secondary school entry exams.

Join the adventure!