Parent FAQS



How do I enroll my child?

Find out if your school is a partner of the Arts Revolution here. You can find a list of teachers, classes and music programmes that we offer through your school. You can also visit your school website for more information.

When and where are the classes/1-1 music lessons held?

All classes are held at your school either as an after-school club, lunch class or for 1-1 instrument lessons, during the school day. You can find the timetables and find specific information on pick-up times and logistics by finding your school here.

I don’t know which classes to choose. Can you help?

We would love to help. Get in touch with Siobhan and she will help you choose the right class for your child. The address to email is


What are the prices?

The prices depend on your school. Some schools offer a subsidy or bursary programme. Find your school here.

How do I pay?

Tuition is done on a term-by-term basis. There are two options to pay:

  1. Per term via Debit/Credit Card or Direct Debit

  2. Spread the cost over 3 payments via Direct Debit

If a class is cancelled, will I be charged?

You will never be charged for a lesson that we were unable to provide, for example if a teacher was ill and we could not find cover. Any amount paid in advance will show on your RevBox account as credit.

What is the cancellation policy?

Classes are on a term-by-term basis so you pay for a term of classes at a time. We cannot refund individual classes but your teacher might be able to reschedule a 1-1 instrument lesson. We suggest contacting your teacher with as much notice as you can. It is down to the individual teachers whether to offer credit for the missed lesson or not.

I think my bill is wrong

If you think there is a mistake on your bill, please contact us as soon as possible and we will do what we can to fix it. Contact Siobhan at


What is RevBox?

RevBox is our online parent-teacher portal where you can view your child’s timetable, class information, book for new classes and pay for your tuition.

How do I access RevBox?

To access RevBox, go to

I do not have an account yet. What should I do?

Firstly, you need to apply for classes at your school by finding your school here. Our team will contact you and set you up with an account on RevBox. You will receive a welcome email and prompt to set a new password.

I have forgotten my password

To reset your password, go to the login page and click “reset password”.

Examinations & Reports

Do you offer examinations in your programmes?

Yes, most of our teachers offer examinations. For music lessons and classes, we tend to use ABRSM exam board curriculums but some teachers also offer Trinity Guildhall curriculums too. For performing arts, we use LCM for Musical Theatre, RAD for Ballet and Dance, and LAMDA for Drama.

How do I enter my child?

Your teacher(s) will suggest when the right time for taking an exam is. Performing Arts classes tend to do exams once a year in the Spring or Summer term. For music, it is usually dependant on when your teacher feels is the appropriate time.

How do I get my child to an exam?

We try to arrange exams so they are hosted at the school. Occasionally, you may need to arrange for your child to visit an external exam centre. You will have to make the appropriate arrangements to take your child to their exam.

How do I track my child’s progress?

Your teacher should be writing a report after each class outlining what pupils have learned. This is available to view soon after each lesson via your RevBox account.