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Join us for 3 classes:

  • Musical Theatre

  • Dance

  • Drama

Our Performing Arts course is perfect for those who love to get theatrical, dance or sing. What used to be 2 sessions of Musical Theatre is now a choice of 3 classes. Our Dance and Drama classes are held at lunch time and Musical Theatre brings singing, acting and dancing together in an after school session.

Your child will:

  • Develop technical skills in Dance, Drama and Singing

  • Work towards showcases

  • Vastly improve coordination

  • Develop creative problem solving skills

  • Grow their confidence

  • Support their core learning in science, maths and literacy with the skills learned in these classes


Learn from our professional dancers in this 30 minute class held during school. Your child will be learning technical skills in movement and dance, learning and creating choreography and working towards items in the big end of year showcase!

Take the class independently or as part of the Performing Arts bundle to get the best experience and very low prices.

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When: Lunch times

Where: School

Ages: KS1+2


Learn from our professional performers in this 30 minute class held during school. Your child will delve into imaginative, theatrical worlds, developing technical skills in acting and growing in confidence.

You can take this class independently but the best experience is part of the Performance Arts bundle, working towards an exciting showcase at the end of the year.

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When: Lunch times

Where: School

Ages: KS1+2

Musical Theatre

These 60 minute after school sessions are where the magic happens. Your child goes on an adventure each week learning show tunes, developing their voice and putting choreography together with acting and singing. Each term they will work towards the term showcase and at the end of the year, they combine with the other schools to put on a big Showcase Spectacular at a London venue.

Musical Theatre Class Structure.png

When: After school

Where: Main hall

Ages: KS1+2

▾ Additional study in singing and the combined course

If they really love singing and want to truly stand out, you can add additional 1-1 singing lessons with a specialist vocal coach at a subsidised, reduced rate. You might also want to consider the combined course which gives you full access to all the classes on both the Making A Musician and Musical Theatre courses.

▾ Reports

The children will receive an informal assessment in the first two terms with a detailed report in the final term from each core element teacher.

▾ Examinations

You can choose to enter your child into a variety of exams that we support. For performing arts, we use ABRSM, LCM and Trinity exam boards and your child can choose to take a showcase as an exam in singing, dancing or drama. You'll get a certificate to proudly display at home and are very important for secondary school entry exams.

Join the adventure!