Connecting you

We are an organisation that connect your school with brilliant peripatetic music and arts teachers to give you affordable and exceptional quality classes and programmes locally.

We work with the schools and teachers to develop arts programmes tailored to your school.


The Music Programme

Each of our schools offers a Music Programme which is a collection of 3 music classes to give you a well-rounded and comprehensive music education. These classes include 1:1 instrumental lessons, an ensemble and a music theory or technology class.

1:1 Instrumental Lessons Programme

At every school we partner with, we provide them with a variety of instrument teachers to give pupils a breadth of choice. We encourage pupils to try instruments that are a little bit different and gives them a unique part in an ensemble.


We want to create a thriving musical environment where pupils are actively involved in playing with others. Many of our schools have Glee Clubs, Choirs, Orchestras and Bands.

Additional Classes

Alongside ensembles and 1:1 lessons, we believe having a well-rounded and thorough music education is really important. That’s why many of our schools have supporting classes such as Music Theory, Music Production & Songwriting, Music for Nursery and Reception and much more.

Concerts and Events

In addition to continued

Performing Arts

Performing Arts Classes

Performing Arts are an essential part of a pupil’s well-rounded education, wether they want to work in Finance or be on the West End stage. We connect a variety of Performing Arts teachers to provide Drama based classes such as Musical Theatre or Acting and Dance based classes such as Contemporary, Ballet or Street Dance.


We work with the various teachers at the school put on a cohesive curriculum across the various classes to put on regular showcases for pupils to have the chance to perform and show off their talents. This is also builds confidence and a sense of reward for the pupil and the family.

Visual Arts

Connecting local artists

We want pupils to be inspired to take up the Arts. Often meeting a real working artist can be really inspiring, but getting to learn from them regularly can be the difference to pursuing art in the future. Our art teachers put on a variety of different visual arts classes from Fine Arts to Craft, Collage, Illustration and Sculpture.

How to enroll

If your school is partnered with the Arts Revolution, you can sign up to our classes and tuition via your school website or by finding your school here.