Teachers Manual

You, the teacher, are the heroes on the frontline delivering excellent standards of education to students enrolled on our courses. 

Our organisation structure is designed to make your experience with us simple and fun, enabling you to get on with what you do best. You will often have questions or need to discuss a matter with someone.  There are different people you need to refer to depending on what your matter is about. 

Teacher Structure

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Roles & Responsibilities

Delivery of Lessons

    • To deliver excellent quality teaching in particular disciplines, being aware of different learning styles, adapting teaching styles when necessary, encouraging growth in confidence where possible, supporting those experiencing difficulty and pushing those who show promise. 

Attendance Tracking

    • Teachers must log attendance on RevBox for every 1:1 lesson or group class. Any additional students should be noted in the system. 

Parent-Teacher Relationship

    • Teachers should reach out to parents of their students via email when assigned a new student and offer counsel to parents who would like updates to their child’s progress. Parents may also enquire about scheduling or logistics. Please offer advice where possible by seeking information provided to teachers and only raise questions to the School Coordinator where necessary.  


    • Teachers are responsible for their own scheduling. Each School Coordinator is responsible for overseeing the schedule for their particular school. You are requested to use the scheduling information provided to organise your own timetable and inform your School Coordinator. Your SC will inform you of any school trips or events that may cause disruption to the normal teaching routine. You are requested to change your schedule accordingly. Please take into consideration any group classes you may be doing.

Class and Course Content

    • Your course leader is responsible for providing the framework for your group classes.


    • Part of the teacher role is to provide a short assessment once a term for each of your 1:1 and group instrumental students. At the end of the academic year, teachers provide a more detailed report. These are to be uploaded to RevBox.

Events and Concerts

    • Teacher participation in showcases, concerts and workshops are an important part of the learning experience for children and an exciting addition to the quality. It offers support to students and encourages confidence.


    • Your course leader will occasionally arrange training sessions for all teachers across all schools who are a part of delivering your course. It is important for teachers to attend these sessions.

Leave of Absence Requests and Illness

Instrumental Teaching: We have strict procedures for instrumental teaching and teacher absence. You must attempt to rearrange your lessons for another day. If this is not possible, a deputy should be sought, first from asking other AR teachers, then external teachers if AR teachers are unable to cover. 

Class Teaching: it is your responsibility to follow the appropriate LoA procedure, notifying your School Coordinator of any future absences. Any absences must be approved in advance. It is your responsibility to provide a deputy for any classes. It is not acceptable to cancel a class. Teachers should ask other AR teachers first before asking teachers external to the organisation. 

If an AR teacher covers any of your lessons, you must fill in the Internal Cover Teacher form. This transfers those teaching hours to your dep. 

Teachers must arrange paying their deps directly if they are external to the organisation. 


RevBox is our portal for all staff, students/parents and Head Office. You need a teachers account so that you can view your timetables, mark attendance, message students of your classes, and view any important announcements.

If you have an account, click here to login. If you need an account, contact the Operations Manager at Head Office.

Typical School Year

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