Redesigning the landscape of arts in education. 

The future is creative.

It is dynamic, emotionally intelligent and tech centric. Our education needs to be the cutting edge of creative learning. It needs a redesign.



Our Mission

1. Tech Arts

To develop new tech centric arts curriculums for 5-18 year olds which combine Arts with STEM for a well-rounded education.

For example, Music Production that introduces elements of popular music, classical theory and physics of sound for a well-rounded, relevant and fresh learning experience.

2. Partner with schools

We describe ourselves as the facilitator that connects schools, parents and children with brilliant freelance teachers. Our goal is to encourage a rich and flourishing arts culture where cutting edge arts education is available in local schools.

We set up a music programme with 1-1 instrumental tuition, ensembles and groups, performing arts classes and visual arts. We are also excited to facilitate the start of tech arts in schools too.

Our tech-centric team are facilitating arts education like no other organisation has been able to before us.

3. Provide regulatory standards