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Wendell Park Primary School

We are delighted to parter with Wendell Park Primary School to connect you with a variety of brilliant music and performing arts teachers and programmes.

How it works

We have connected your school with a variety of music and performing arts teachers. You can see their profiles below and what classes they run. You can enroll onto one of their classes, or you can sign up to the music programme. Find out more here.


Classes start back w/c 23rd September 2019. Timetables below.

Classes to book


+ The Music Programme

The music programme is a selection of 3 music classes at a discounted rate to give students a well-rounded and comprehensive music education. The 3 classes include:

  • 1:1 instrumental lessons (30 minutes)
  • Music Theory, Magical Stars or Music Production
  • Crash Ensemble or Glee Club

Mentorship and Examinations

Students on the programme are mentored on a regular basis and work towards a ABRSM practical and theory exam syllabuses. A thorough assessment process is taken each year to ensure students are progressing at a good pace and enjoying their lessons.

Price: £34 pw (3rd off) | Examinations | Mentorship

+ Instrumental Lessons

Learn an instrument from one of Marlborough’s professional musicians and highly trained teachers.

  • 45 minutes - £29 pw
  • 30 minutes - £21.90 pw
  • 20 minutes - 17.10 pw
  • Free with the Music Programme

Instruments include Piano, Guitar, Drums, Violin, Cello, Flute, Saxophone, Recorder, Clarinet, Trumpet or Trombone.

Find the right teacher for you. Read their bios below.

Price: check above | Free with Music Programme | During day

+ The Crash Ensemble with Nino (formerly Orchestra)

This class is designed to explore playing with others as ensemble in a fun and free environment. Students learn new pieces but does not require students to play an instrument.

£7.86 per week | Free with Music Programme | Tuesday lunches | KS1/2

+ Glee Club with Katy (formerly Choir)

Katy is superb with children and creates an exciting and engaging environment. This class is like a choir, developing vocal technique and advanced harmonies for the older ones through singing popular songs and pieces, working towards showcases.

£11.85/7.86 per week | Free with Music Programme | KS2 Wednesday after school & KS1 lunchtime

+ Magical Stars for Reception / Mini Music for Nursery with Hannah

Hannah is brilliant with young ones and takes them on a magical journey discovering music through sensory exploration, soundscapes and singing. These classes are about hearing sounds, identifying them, learning melodies and tunes, and developing their rhythmic awareness. Magical Stars teaches basic music theory. Mini Music is designed for parents to join.

These are 2 individual classes that take place on Mondays with Hannah. Magical Stars and lunch and Mini Music near pick up time for parents to join.

£11.85 per week | Free with Music Programme | Monday

+ Group Recorder Class

This is the perfect class for younger children taking up an instrument for the first time. These instruments are easy to play, and in these classes, students learn the basics of music theory and learn to play a variety of tunes that they then perform together with their teacher at a concert towards the end of the term.

This is a perfect introduction before taking up 1:1 lessons.

£9.76 per week | Monday day time

+ Music Production & Songwriting with Jack

A new class which teaches songwriting and music theory with the use of Music Production software to create soundscapes and songs. Students get to work towards showcasing their songs in assemblies and events.

£11.85 per week | Free with Music Programme | Tuesday after school

+ Music Theory with Jack

These classes are designed to support 1:1 instrument lessons and follow the ABRSM music theory syllabus. Students work towards a theory grade examination.

£7.86 per week | Free with Music Programme | Thursday lunches

Performing Arts

+ Musical Theatre with Caitlin

Musical Theatre class is a brilliant introduction to performing arts, combining movement, acting and singing in an energetic and exciting environment. Students are introduced to a range of repertoire, from well-known musical theatre tunes to contemporary pop songs and will explore how singing, dancing and acting can come together to tell an exciting story.

£12.25 per week | Fridays after school | KS1&KS2 separate classes

+ Theatre Dance

This class focuses on learning dance and movement technique, routines and choreography often used in theatre. The work they do supports the Musical Theatre class and we recommend signing up to both classes.

£8.92 per week | Tuesday lunch times

+ Street Dance

Street Dance is a freestyle dance incorporating other styles such as Hip-Hop and Break Dance. Students develop these dance and movement techniques and work towards showcases.

This is a new class. Register your interest for us to arrange for a teacher to come to your school.

£11.85 per week | Tuesdays after school | KS1&KS2 separate classes

Visual Arts

+ Art Attack!

Can’t find the class you want?

If you are interested in having classes that aren’t listed above, get in touch with our team and we will try and facilitate this for you. Email info@theartsrevolution.org


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Need help?

For info on classes, contact the teacher directly. You can find their emails below.

For general enquiries or help choosing and booking a class, contact Siobhan at siobhan@theartsrevolution.org.

Read the prospectus

Meet the teachers

Say hello to the teachers at your school, find out more about them, the classes they teach and their contact information if you would like to find out more about a class.


Haydn Bateman

+ Read Haydn's bio

Haydn is a guitarist and music teacher based in London. At the age of 12, he was awarded a place to study at prestigious Chetham’s School of Music. He was in the National Youth Guitar Ensemble and invited to perform for BBC Dragons Den. He was awarded a scholarship to study at the Royal College of Music in London with support from Awards for Young Musicians. Haydn is a Masters Scholar at the RCM and 1st prize recipient of the RCM Guitar Prize in 2015. He has performed in Kings Place, the IGF London Guitar Festival, alongside Milos Karadaglic, and also in Milos’ masterclass, filmed for Universal.

+ What's your teaching style?

The three most important goals to teaching music to children is keeping them inspired, improving their skills at an achievable rate and always having fun. Music is about expressing yourself, but this cannot be achieved without learning good methods of technique or without the energy and enthusiasm of a teacher who can guide students to express themselves musically.

Personally, I strive to show children the importance of music in life. In my experience, learning music can help spark a child's imagination or ignite a lifetime of passion. When you provide a child with new worlds to explore and challenges to tackle, the possibilities are endless.

+ Classes Haydn teaches

  • Guitar
  • Piano
  • Magical Stars Music Class for Reception

+ Haydn's Details

Teaches: Thursdays

Contact: haydn@theartsrevolution.org


Katy Huntley

+ Read Katy's bio

Katy has been described as a "natural teacher" and has a wealth of experience in voice and piano teaching. Qualifying from Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, she holds not only a degree in professional voice but also a PGCE, which was completed from the University of Buckingham.

Katy has worked extensively as a professional opera singer with a strong foundation as a classroom music teacher having spent 2 years at King's Ely School. With years of experience behind her Katy is an extremely capable and friendly teacher who can deliver progress to all students.

+ What's your teaching style?

My teaching approach ensures each pupil receives individualised learning tailored to the pupil’s needs and abilities. My main focus is on creating a good and trusting relationship where the student feels valued and secure in their progress and can feel comfortable to ask questions. My aim is to make learning a fun experience for all.

+ Classes Katy Teaches

  • Glee Club
  • 1:1 Singing

+ Katy's details

Teaches: Tuesdays

Contact: katy@theartsrevolution.org

auguste+janonyte square 2.jpg

Auguste Janonyte

+ Read Auguste's bio

Lithuanian violinist Auguste Emilija Janonyte is a winner of the prestigious Young Musician 2011 International Contest for Pianists, Violinists and Cellists in Tallin, Estonia. She successfully participated in more than 20 National and International Violin Competitions and at the age of 7 Auguste was presented with a Queen Morta’s Prize for musical achievements.

She is regularly a soloist with orchestras across Europe in prestigious concert halls inc. Lithuanian National Philharmonic Society, the Academic Glinka Capella in St. Petersburg and Liverpool Capstone Theatre. Since September 2016 Auguste is studying as Ian Stoutzker Prize Scholar at the Royal College of Music in London with Professor Jan Repko. Auguste is a regular outreach leader with Tri-Borough Music Hub.

+ What's your teaching style?

To really excel in learning an instrument, the student has to really enjoy it. That is why enjoyability is the most important element of my teaching style, as well as being versatile with every student.

+ Classes Auguste teachers

  • Violin

+ Auguste's Details

Teaches: Tuesdays

Contact: auguste@theartsrevolution.org


Caitlin Barnett

+ Read Caitlin's bio

Caitlin is a professional dancer, choreographer and teacher and trained at the world renowned Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. She has worked within all areas of the industry performing in immersive theatre, contemporary dance, music videos and commercials.

Caitlin has her own contemporary dance company who have gone on to perform across a variety of platforms and festivals and she has recently become an Arts Council England funded artist. Caitlin has extensive teaching experience working regularly with young children, college students and dancers undertaking their professional training.

+ What's your teaching style?

I am a passionate, personable and patient teacher who injects positive energy into every class. My classes include Theatre Dance where you get to learn the routines from your favourite musicals; Drama - explore and play with different characters, and Musical Theatre where singing, acting and moving collide!

+ Classes Caitlin teaches

  • Musical Theatre
  • Drama
  • Theatre Dance

+ Caitlin's details

Teaches: Tuesdays & Fridays

Contact: caitlin@theartsrevolution.org


Jack Williams

+ Read Jack's bio

Jack has always experienced a strong connection with music. He started playing drums at four years old and has been playing the piano since the age of nine, taking ABRSM classical piano and music theory grades before studying jazz. He has plenty of performance experience including playing at the famous Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club and really enjoys composing his own music

Jack has taught at music schools around the country and teaches a wide range of musical styles, from classical to pop/rock, funk, soul and of course jazz. He graduated with a first class honours degree in music and is currently studying an MA in Jazz at Trinity Laban.

+ What's your teaching style?

My teaching is both methodical and loose. I really enjoys sharing knowledge and practise methods to build solid musicality and technique but remaining relaxed and encouraging.

+ What does Jack teach?

  • Piano
  • Songwriting & Music Production

+ Jack's details

Teaches: Wednesdays

Contact: jack@theartsrevolution.org


Nino Russell

+ Read Nino's bio

Nino is a composer, multimedia artist and producer. He is a doctoral candidate at the Royal College of Music supported by the Kit and John Gander Award.Nino has written for concert, film and television. Nino was awarded the Theodore Holland Composition Prize for his opera and performances at Leeds Lieder Festival.

Works for film include HEX (2017) receiving critical acclaim. His music has been broadcast on Amazon Prime Video and ITV. Under his eponymous label, a debut EP and LP respectively will be released in 2019 featuring singer/songwriter Dorothea Bartók. Nino has taught piano, music theory and composition both in schools and privately across London for over 6 years.

+ What's your teaching style?

With 1:1 lessons, my main focuses are to ensure the student is having fun and getting the most out of their musical experience. I cover both graded examinations and leisure play, covering a wide range of genres. I also try to incorporate music theory into lessons so the student thoroughly understands what they are playing, and can ultimately help them to progress on the road to becoming a well-rounded musician.

+ Classes Nino teachers

  • Piano
  • Crash Ensemble
  • Music Production & Songwriting

+ Nino's details

Teaches: Wednesdays & Fridays

Contact: nino@theartsrevolution.org


Sheldon Agwu

+ Read Sheldon's bio

Sheldon has experience teaching in primary, secondary and further education, and is comfortable teaching a wide range of musical styles such as Jazz, Blues Rock, and contemporary popular music. Specializing in electric and nylon guitar, both plectrum, fingerstyle, and slide. He also stays active in live performances, studio work and touring.

Sheldon is registered Guitar Tutor with (RGT) The Registry of Guitar Tutors. He offers tuition leading up to RGT examinations as well as the Rock School Grade books styles ranging from Blues, Funk, Reggae RnB and Jazz.

+ What's your teaching style?

I'm very passionate about music education and teaching, giving the student a wide range of concepts, equipping them with the tools to find their voice and musical identity.

My Lessons are designed specifically so that each student can achieve their musical goals based upon their current ability. Everyone learns at their own pace and no two students are the same.

+ Classes Sheldon teaches

  • Guitar
  • Drums

+ Sheldon's details

Teaches: Wednesdays

Contact: sheldon@theartsrevolution.org

Bursary Fund

Wendell Park Primary School has a bursary fund to provide financial support for pupils at the school wishing to take the music programme or performing arts class.

How to apply

If you would like to apply for financial assistance, please email Barbara Williams, the school Business Manager at sbm@wendellpark.lbhf.sch.uk with the tuition you would like to sign up for.




Flute, Recorder and Mini Music during day, Magical Stars lunch time



Dance at lunch


Glee Club after school, singing 1:1 during day



Piano and Crash Ensemble at lunch


Electric Guitar and Drums during day


Music Production after school & Piano during day



Piano and Guitar during day



Musical Theatre after school

Schedule notices:

  • Teachers start back w/c 23rd September.

  • Musical Theatre, Theatre Dance and Drama will start w/c 7th October due to Caitlin being away.

Year Calendar ‘19/20


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Useful information

Who to contact

Please contact Siobhan at info@theartsrevolution.org if you have any questions or inquires.

Lunch sessions need to know

Unlike instrumental lessons, children will not be collected for their lunch classes. Please ensure your child remembers to attend. We will ask their class teachers to try and remind them too. The class times and days are available in the weekly timetable above.

After school sessions need to know

For after school sessions, children should come straight to the main hall at the end of class. Parents are asked to pick up their children at 4:30pm promptly.